Your Stack, Your Chips, Your Limits and Your Money

Never mess with another man's stack is a golden rule at the poker table and we believe that here at PokerHigh.com. This is why you set the limits for how much real money you want to spend here. Your weekly real money transactions are totally under your control and only you set how much money you spend. Your stack, your limits.

In fact, we've also set limits on our online cash poker tables and tournaments so that there is no sudden or mistaken transfer of money from your bank account.

Anti Money Laundering Policy

In order to keep your money safe, we've got our own Anti Money Laundering policy and world-standard procedures running on PokerHigh.com

We check new players through our KYC (Know Your Customer) process and do our best to make sure that illegal monetary transactions are not taking place.

Age verification

Underage players who have submitted dishonest information will have to forfeit all their winnings and may even face criminal charges. Don't make us call your bluff !

Certified Code of Behaviour

You don't have to worry about the house rigging the cards. PokerHigh.com as a company incorporates a Third party vendor to verify and certify the code used for the virtual shuffling of cards.

Our reshuffling process is genuinely certified by a Third Party organization as per international rules and norms. We use an algorithm known as public domain PRNG algorithms for our gaming applications verified by IT Tech Labs Australia, an ISO/IEC 17025 certified testing laboratory for online gaming system