Advanced Raise Bar

To ease your playing experience we have included quick bet size options that allow you to make commonly sized bets in Poker.

  1. This will bet the minimum bet size allowed.
  2. This will bet 50% of the total pot inclusive of side pots and uncalled bets.
  3. This will bet 100% of the total pot inclusive of side pots and uncalled bets.
  4. This will bet all of your chips in to the pot.
  5. Alternatively you can use the Raise Box to manually enter your bet amount (provided it is above the Min bet) or or use the Bet Slider to change the amount.

Hand History

To see what happened in any hand played previously on a table you are active on.

Dealer Chat

This is a plain text recording of all the action on a table that is available to all active players on that table.


The chat feature allows you to communicate with other players seated on your table in real time. Please see our House Rules page for more information on chat etiquette.

Game Information

This displays system information such as Table Configuration and Deal ID

Hand Rank

This button will display a list of Poker Hands by rank.

Top Up/Rebuy

In cash games, you can bring more chips from you bankroll on to the table with this option. You can not exceed the table limits when topping up or buying in and you must do so before the start of the next hand.

Mute Audio

Select this option if you want to Mute/Unmute the game sounds at any time.

Muck Hand

The Muck Hand option can be used to automatically toss your losing hand in to the muck without showing the table.